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CAT BLACK (THE WIZARD'S HAT) (Marc Bolan) T. Rex - 1969 Catblack the wizard's hat Spun in lore from Dagamoor The skull of jade was pearl inlaid The silks, skin spun, repelled the Sun A tusk of boar with dwarfish awe Sobs on the door where stood before A mountain man with sky-blue teeth Upon his head a python's wreath A deer he slew in the dawning's dew Her heart was a dagger for a murderer's brew. A toad of jet on a sill cast in brass Portrayed for his sight mysteries of the past A yellow orphan dancer rich in Nature's costly gold Wept for the jailer of time to bless her old But his kiss he held and shadowed for the spell of nights are strong And spiralled like a whirlwind in the childhood of a song Catblack the wizard's back Daubed in doom in his tounge tombed room We of the wind must rejoice and speak And kiss all our starbrowed brothers on the cheek.


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