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CATHEDRAL (Graham Nash) Crosby, Stills & Nash Six o' clock In the morning, I feel pretty good So I dropped into the luxury of the Lords Fighting dragons and crossing swords With the people against the hordes Who came to conquer. Seven o'clock In the morning, here it comes I taste the warning and I am so amazed I'm here today, seeing things so clear this way In the car and on my way To Stonehenge. I'm flying in Winchester cathedral Sunlight pouring through the break of day. Stumbled through the door and into the chamber; There's a lady setting flowers on a table covered lace And a cleaner in the distance finds a cobweb on a face And a feeling deep inside of me tells me This can't be the place I'm flying in Winchester cathedral. All religion has to have its day Expressions on the face of the Saviour Made me say I can't stay. Open up the gates of the church and let me out of here! Too many people have lied in the name of Christ For anyone to heed the call. So many people have died in the name of Christ That I can't believe it all. And now I'm standing on the grave of a soldier that died in 1799 And the day he died it was a birthday And I noticed it was mine. And my head didn't know just who I was And I went spinning back in time. And I am high upon the altar High upon the altar, high. I'm flying in Winchester cathedral, It's hard enough to drink the wine. The air inside just hangs in delusion, But given time, I'll be fine.


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