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'CAUSE I FEEL LOW DOWN Peter De Rose (m) Jo Trent (l) 1928 as rec by Sophie Tucker 1928 also rec by- Clarence Black & his Savoy Trio '28 The California Ramblers '28 Annette Hanshaw '28 Sammy Stewart & his Orch '28 Friends, folks, listen to my moan; Hard luck, I ain't got no home! Chase my sins away, evil's in my eye, Gone wrong, too darn mean to cry! Sympathise with my condition; I've had an easy disposition Overcome with wild suspicion, 'Cause I feel low down! Fooled with love and I got cheated, Every day I get mistreated; Now my temper's overheated And I feel low down! I'm one gal won't stand no foolin' 'round, Won't stand no abuse. When it's time to put my lovin' on, Don't want any excuse! Give my love and my devotion, Deeper than the 'cific ocean! Got a mean and don't care notion 'Cause I feel low down! I wanna be cuddled and squeezed, I wanna be babied and pleased! I wanna be left in a daze, 'Cause lovin' has such powerful ways! And it's been long overdue, I need a kiss or two! I wanna be taken by storm 'Cause I'm lovesick and warm! Trouble's ridin' on my shoulder, Every day his love gets colder! I guess he thinks I'm gettin' older And I'm feelin' low down! There ain't a wrong that can't be righted; Any time that I get slighted, Get upset and all excited, And it makes me feel low down! Take my man, you're takin' stolen fruit, Won't do you no good! If he thinks I need a substitute, I've been misunderstood! Seems to me I've been neglected, Gettin' mean and so dejected 'Cause it came so unexpected, Now I feel low down! (Contributed by Peter Akers - January 2010)


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