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CERTIFIED (K. Elam / B. Oliver / J. Yancey / Lynsey De Paul / Barry Blue) Guru featuring Bilal, Jay Dee (Guru) Niggaz gotta know we've puttin it down This shit is certified right here (whoo yes, yes) No games with this right here Straight to the di-dome, like this (uhh, uhh) (Chorus: Bilal) This right here, has been cer-ti-fied, for years.. ahhhahhh-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah He's got soul up in his blueprint, and he's ready to vocalize So we, passin the mic your way, come on testify.. (Guru) Prepare each element with raw street intelligence Dig the soul this is, complete elegance Heartbeat delegates when I spit each melon's hit Like to build ill like, repeat felons get Plus I'm jazzy and like to dress to impress It's the baldhead buddha, with the mic caress And I might suggest, that you broaden your mind You spend a lot of your time dancin to fraudulent rhymes Like a breath of fresh air we gonna, change the pace Not a mental slave, so save the angry face It's the return of the mellow voiced maestro, and my flow eliminates the comp like Geico, Insurance - just for your body's endurance You get more for your money, or your partyin purest So don't start to get nervous now that we up in the spot We've been certified for years, you gonna love it a lot (Chorus) (Jay Dee) Who, me? That nigga Jay, Dee (Jay Dee) Some plod to beats that I, flow to Run men through, with Gu-ru (Guru) As for me, I be the nigga that's tight you got to seeeeeeee in order for you, to believeeeeeee Singin these words, with easeeeee Talkin bout, boom - a-shaka-laka -a-laka-laka-BOOM! Roll the weed and lose the seeds asshole You can breathe three-hundred-and-sixty degrees of HEAT, sing with the soul Straight from the streets, of Illadelph Move your feet - ahh-HAH, pimp shit (It's that pimp shit) Big whips with full clips Got mad chicks, on my dick ridin by, so say it loud, in your face! (Chorus) (Guru) Soulful Tinted window whips, lots of chicks lots of chips Anything ain't right then the brother's gotta flip or skinnydip, after a sip of Cognac rap Any wack wimp with whiskers, I bomb that cat Alarm that cat, that when we slide through abide to the rules that's been laid down by (?) true like bibles I'm liable, to come through, seven deep with Wizzies and ditch 'em while other ladies whisper, who is he? Then later leave with eight new ones, me an airtight Willie Bout to smack you silly with two guns So hereby I certify don't care if you feel hurt if I testify, against your false words or lies Word to God this is my job I'm workin hard every minute Movin up in the rat race, city council to senate So what you don't get it? You can't front no more Been certified for years, can't speak to chumps no more [Chorus 2X] (Guru over 2nd repeat) This one right here has been certified, for years That's right Soul up in his blueprint, ready to vocalize Pass the mic this way, testify Hmm, like they say it doesn't hurt to try This here, is bonafied baby, certified baby Jazzmatazz 3rd edition Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal No rehearsal, certified with virtue Respect the circle It's me and the B-I-L-A-L YouknowhatI'msayin? Jay Dee from Pay Jay Airtight Willie heh, from Boston to New Yiddy all the way to Philly Now in the D sittin pretty (Contributed by Brian - January 2004)


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