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CHAINED TO A MEMORY (Kay Rogers / Richard Ahlert) Betty Everett - 1964 Pat Carroll - 1965 Samantha Jones - 1965 Les Surfs - 1965 (French title "Ton Souvenir") The Everly Brothers - 1966 Dusty Springfield - 1967 Synthia Schloss - 1980 Why am I chained to a memory Why does the thought of you still torture me When will I find someone to set me free So I won't be chained to a memory Why am I chained to the hurt I knew Each day you thought of something cruel to do Where in this world will I escape from you So I won't be chained to a memory Your letters, threw them in the fire Your picture, out the window All that I could find that reminded me of you I threw them all away But I get up in the morning and I'm pacing the floor Like I'm expecting you to walk through the door I keep forgetting I won't see you anymore Guess I'm doomed to be chained to a memory (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - April 2017)


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