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A CHANGE OF HEART From the film "Two And Two Make Six" (1962) (Norrie Paramor / Bunny Lewis) Craig Douglas (Film Soundtrack) - 1962 (Dummy-dum-dummy-dum-dummy-dummy-doh-wah) Dummy-dum-dummy-dum-dummy-dummy-doh-wah A change of heart can take you unaware You love so long, then suddenly you don't care For all at once from nowhere Comes a stranger out of Space And deep inside your heart can't hide True love and you stand face to face (Dummy-dum-dummy-dum-dummy-dummy-doh-wah) A change of heart at first seems oh, so wrong When friends must part, old memories linger on But now at last I've found you Oh, my darling, why pretend A change of heart, a change of heart Has given you to me, to the journey's end (Dummy-dum-dummy-dum-dummy-dummy-doh-wah) To the journey's end (Dummy-dum-dummy-dum-dummy-dummy-doh-wah) Dummy-dum-dummy-dum-dummy-dummy-doh-wah Dummy-dum-dummy-dum-dummy-dummy-doh-wah Dummy-dum-dummy-dum-dummy-dummy-doh-wah Dummy-dum-dummy-dum-dummy-dummy-doh-wah (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2012)


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