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CHARLESTON by Cecil Mack & Jimmy Johnson (James P Johnson) from "Runnin' Wild" Carolina, Carolina, at last they've got you on the map, With a new tune, funny blue tune, with a peculiar snap! You may not be able to buck or wing, Foxtrot, two-step, or even sing; If you've not got religion in your feet, You can do this prance and do it neat. Charleston! Charleston! Made in Carolina! Some dance, some prance I'll say there's nothing finer than the Charleston, Charleston, gee how you can shuffle; Every step you do, leads to something new. Man I'm telling you, it's a lapazoo! Buck dance, wing dance will be a back number; But the Charleston, the new Charleston, That dance is surely a comer. Sometime, you'll dance it one time, That dance called Charleston, Made in South Caroline! Copyright 1923: Chappell & Co 50 New Bond Street London W1 Re-published 1950 with written instructions for the dance by Victor Sylvester (Taken from sheet music by Paul Daniel - April 2014)


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