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CHARLESTON ALLEY (Charlie Barnet / Jon Hendricks) Lambert, Hendricks & Ross On the avenue, you may be havin you a solid ball, but it ain't no ball at all, compared to the kicks when you dally in Charleston Alley Maybe it don't look so hot, but beleive me, it's the spot where you can sure let your hair down Everything's right, And you can boogy all night- Say, man Charleston Alley is the play, man you can rally every cool cat on the avenue And they'll say its true, if you're feelin blue, this is the place for you. No goof and that's the truth I dig Charleston Alley, and I'm here t' tell ya pally, Its a place where life is real, I'm tellin you I never found a better deal We know just how you feel Ribs and pigs feet, the tastiest meat that you ever did eat And a good piano player- a plinkin' an plunkin an playin them blues I doubt if you'll ever be gayer We know- (Tell us about what you know) Where to play- (Tell us about where to go) And we'll show- (You don't know what time it takes) You the way (Lookin' for what shakes) Well let me tell you that if you've come to dally, Dig this crazy alley, And we know its where you're goin'to move And this is not an idle boast. Of all the many crazy alleys that we've went- Hilltop, O'Mally's, None a' them could quite compare with red hot Charleston Alley When you're rockin' and you're rollin to the rythym of the solid beat You're gonna have t' stomp your feet And you're sure to hang around Wiggin an' diggin the sounds. So dig this vocal travelogue that we're singin everyone 'bout that circle by the dark sun, Charleston Alley is the place to be We get our kicks from hicks who hurry and take in the great white way We'll pick the Alley any day Charleston Alley is the place for me Better get up if you're takin a trip take a tip. On the avenue, you may be havin you a solid ball, but it ain't no ball at all, compared to the kicks you get from Charleston Alley If you should make the trip I'm pretty sure you'ld really flip So let your cares be, and baby make it down with me... to Charleston Alley (Contributed by Andy & Mogg - May 2002)


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