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CHARLIE Album : Boys Will Be Boys (Written by Trevor Rabin / Patrick van Blerk) Rabbitt - 1976 Loving you is easy Such a beautiful thing to do And though at times you hurt me I buzz each night on you Oh! What times we've had together What crazy things we've done Enough to fill my memory And keep me loving Charlie Charlie As dogs go you're groovy Not as predictable as some But you're not as paranoid as Lady Marmalade And really much more fun Hell! At times I get so mad When you buzz on someone new It's not that you don't love me It's not that I'm too selfish to consider sharing Charlie Charlie You've filled my head with new ideas And filled my heart with sun So I'd like to take this time right now To thank you for what you've done You and Lady Marmalade Are everything I need The two of you and the music Deep inside of me And watching you sleep Side by side Makes me breathe Gratefully I love you Charlie Charlie


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