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CHARLIE BROOKS AND NELLIE ADAIR (Don Reno / Red Smiley) Don Reno & Red Smiley - 1959 Miss Adair, since I came to the city I find that I've changed my mind I hope you won't think me untruthful Or deem me the least bit unkind For I know that we both were mistaken I know you would never suit me My heart now belongs to another In closing, I hope you'll agree I received your letter, dear Charlie The last one you'll ever write me I read it over and over Heartbroken, I'll have to agree I pray now that you will be happy With your pretty young heiress, Miss Grey I done heard about it, dear Charlie And I knew I would lose you this way I'm sending your letters, dear Charlie I burned mine today when they came I hope without reading yours over You'll commit them at once to a flame For you will not need them, dear Charlie To remind you of vows so untrue But as you requested them of me I'm sending them all back to you I'll send you your picture, dear Charlie Though it's almost faded away That's because I've kissed it so often And that you may tell Miss Grey And here is your ring, dear Charlie Oh, don't give it to her, I pray Unless you tell her 'twas mine once I've had it one year today Well I guess this is all now, dear Charlie I'm praying that you may be spared All the pain and the heartbreak I'm suffering Your affectionate Nellie Adair (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2013)


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