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CHASE ME CHARLIE from 1950 London review (Ace Of Clubs" sung by Pat Kirkwood (Noel Coward 1949) recorded by - Pat Kirkwood 1950 & 1994 Nancy Andrews 1968 June Bronhill 1981 Mel Torme & Friends 1981 Barbara Lea & Keith Ingham 1999 Daryl Sherman & Dave McKenna 2000 as recorded by Pat Kirkwood with The Cambridge Theatre Orchestra conducted by Mantovani July 3rd 1950 London When it's late and the world is sleeping, Our little black cat, No bigger than that, Has a date which she's keen on keeping; No use dissuading her, She's serenading her beau In the garden below, She sings, Oh, won't you - Chase me Charlie, chase me Charlie Over the garden wall. I want to wander for miles and miles, Wreathed in smiles, out on the tiles with you! Chase me Charlie, chase me Charlie, Don't be afraid to fall! Love in the moonlight can be sublime, Now's the time, Charlie I'm Waiting for you if you'll only climb Over the garden wall! Chase me Charlie, chase me Charlie Over the garden wall. Why should we care if the neighbours shout? Please come out, let's fool about a bit! Chase me Charlie, chase me Charlie This my final call! Pussy cat, pussy cat, don't be coy, Jump for joy, oy-oy-oy! Straighten your whiskers and attaboy! Over the garden wall! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - August 2018)


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