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CHECKERS (Edgar Allen / Leo. Edwards, 1919) Checkers was the nervy fellow's name, Who picked no winners in the racing game, Until his sweetheart picked the winning horse And rode to fame and fortune on Remorse, He played the game and won out in the end, And here is what he told me like a friend. From the photo play you will observe, Fortune comes to those who most deserve, When Checkers' fate seemed but an idle guess, Love took the mount and rode it to success, Your horse may balk and leave you at the start, You're sure to win whenever you lead a heart. Life is like a game of checkers, just a game we play, Every move we make means loss or gain, Like a jockey in the racing game, some are driven to a corner throw their stakes away, Only love can lift their crosses, Make them all forget their losses, Life is like a game of checkers Every one must play.


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