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CHEER UP, THE SUN WILL SOON BE SHINING (Andrew B. Sterling / Bernie Grossman / Arthur Lange, 1917) Every little girl that's lonely Every little girl that's sad Needs a little word of consolation Just to cheer her up and make her glad So to every girl that's feeling blue Here's a message that is meant for you. Every little girl that's waiting Every little lonesome boy Knows for every moment filled with sorrow There's another moment filled with joy Always think when you are feeling blue Of the happiness in store for you. Cheer up, The sun will soon be shining, Cheer up, Although your heart is pining Don't you sigh Don't you cry When you say Goodbye Smile out loud Every cloud has a silv'ry lining, Cheer up, and soon there'll be a Rainbow 'way up in the sky Cheer up, The sun will soon be shining When the clouds roll by.


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