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CHERIE (Prescott / Coldin (m & l)) Johnny Mathis 1961 (background whistling for the entire song) Cherie, Cherie, I dreamt that you were mine But like all dreams, it withered on the vine I imagined your love was true Which only shows, how little I knew. And when they asked me how, I get along without you I joke about the smoke, that’s in my eyes But when I’m all alone, Cherie, Cherie Your photograph is there, to laugh at all my lies. So now I know, my dream is all in vain Yet all the while, a voice I can’t explain Keeps repeating, come back to me Be mine forever, be my Cherie. NOTES: Johnny Mathis has sold over 350 million records confirmed by Guinness World Records and was the undisputed king of the romantic Fifties ‘make out ‘ music. Interestingly, his Greatest Hits albums (3) starting in 1958 of which this lyric is part, were the beginning of a trend copied by every record company to this day (‘Greatest Hits’). The first album of this collection still holds the distinction of being the second longest charting album in the history of Billboard (490 weeks). (Transcribed by David Story - November 2013)


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