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CHEROKEE WALTZ (Johnny Bond 1940s) Tex Ritter 1940s Also sung by: Johnny Bond (His Red River Valley Boys) Way out in old Oklahoma In the land of the blue Cimarron I found an Indian maiden And I called her my Cherokee fawn. We loved, we courted each other And we named our own wedding day But the Great White Spirit up yonder Put my Cherokee flower away. Sweet Cherokee maiden I’ll watch for you in the stars Each night on the prairie I’m alone with a strummin’ guitar. Sweet tunes they are playin’ Reminds me of someone I lost So I’ll send a song to the heavens And I’ll call it my Cherokee waltz. Oh Cimarron flowin’ Rollin’ along to the sea Go faithful for ever You can bring back my darlin’ to me. Go send her my true love Tell her twill never be Fall So I’ll keep her memory forever In the beautiful Cherokee waltz. (Transcribed by David Story - October 2013)


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