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CHESTNUT MAN, THE (Perkins) as recorded by Geraldo & his Rumba Orchestra (vocal - Cyril Grantham) May 1935 Chestnuts! Get your fresh roasted hot chestnuts, They're sweet in taste and big in size, I cooked them myself in front of your eyes. See how they sizzle on the fire, What more could anyone desire? Chestnuts! You can see these are fine chestnuts, So step right up and pick them out, You'll come back for more without any doubt. They're sweet and warm as any dove, Bring them to the one you love! Each nut is a jewel, So precious and rare, You see them, the finest in town! He puts on the fuel And tends them with care, Till they are yellow and brown. "Chestnuts!", Cries my friend the chestnut man, And smiles at the passers-by. "Chestnuts!", Cries the happy chestnut man, And greets the world with a friendly eye. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - July 2015)


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