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CHICKEN (Jerry Leiber / Walter Rollins / Mike Stoller) The Cheers Also recorded by: Bert Convy They drove the hottest hot rods That were ever raced in years You could hear ‘em burnin’ rubber As they shifted through the gears They must have lost their senses In their trail of smoke and flame ‘Cos you had to be a maniac To play that crazy game “Chicken”, “Chicken”, The winner of the game would holler “chicken” The laughter of the couples Could be heard above the roar As they headed t’ward each other With their pedals to the floor The one that held it showed That he was not afraid to die And the one that turned aside Would hear the winning couple cry “Chicken”, “Chicken”, The winner of the game would holler “chicken” (Musical Break) (Chicken) They knew they’d all be losers If they ever had a tie But the closer they could make a scene The louder they would cry The kicks were always greatest When they had the closest shaves And the voices coming back Were like an echo from the grave “Chicken”, “Chicken”, The winner of the game would holler “chicken” And then one night it happened ‘Cos the devil had his way He was clickin’ off the seconds That were left for them to play There might have been a winner But they had no way to tell For the couples all were dead And there was no one left to yell “Chicken”, “Chicken”, The winner of the game would holler “chicken” (Contributed by Bill Huntley - October 2006)


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