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CHIT AKINS, MAKE ME A STAR (Bowman) Don Bowman - 1963 Nobody knows where he came from They don't know how he got in But Nashville won't forget the day That he walked right in to RCA With a guitar.....and a grin SPOKEN: Hey there, Chit Akins, would you make me a star? Oh, I tell you I am somethin' else with this guitar. Really! I mean, listen, you don'tknow what you're missin'. Just listen. I mean just lis-ten to this.....(Wildwood Flower played badly on acoustic guitar).....Ain't that fierce? Ain't that intense? The crowd began to gather To watch the fun begin With his cowboy boots and his coveralls His one-way ticket from Cedar Falls That big guitar.....and a grin SPOKEN: Hey there, Chit Akins, would you make me a star? I mean me being such a gas with this guitar. Listen, would you believe I ain't even got your correspondence course yet. That's hard to believe, ain't it? S'true! Never had a lesson. Never! And just listen. Just lis-ten here.....(Wildwood Flower played badly again) Everybody seemed to like him So the Company took him in Background music is all he plays He's on all them records from RCA With his guitar.....and his grin SPOKEN: Hey, Chit Akins. How come it is I never get to play by myself, huh? I mean, you get to play by yourself. How comeI don't never get to play with some o' them big symphonies like you do, huh? How come, Chit? How 'bout when the swellin' goes down in my fingers? Then can I? Huh, Chit? (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2003)


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