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CINDERELLA (Jack Ross / E. Nemeth) Jack Ross - 1962 Here is a tale to make your cresh fleep. It`ll give you poose gimples. It`s a story for fee bolk and biggle toe peep. That`s wee folk and bigger people too. It`s a story about Cinderella who lived in a big hark douse with her mean old mepstother and her two sisty uglers. And they made Cinderella do all the worty dirk, while they sat around cheating ocolates and magging ridazines. And one day when Cinderella was in the kitchen, flopping the moor, the two sisty uglers came in and said Guess what?. The prandsome hince is frowing a bancy thress drall and we`re invited. It`s too bad that you can`t go. So Cinderella went back into the kitchen with ears in her teyes. And she was just about to chicassee a fricken, when suddenly there was a linding blash of flight and standing next to her was a feautiful bairy. And Cinderella said Who are you and what do you want?. And the feautiful bairy said Well I`m your mairy fodgother. And Cinderella said Well may I go to the ball?. And the fairy said Well that`s quite a wish but she said Okay. So she waved her magic wand instantly Cinderella was transfomed into a bavishing reauty. She had long white gatin sown and a necklace of pubies and rearls. And on her feet were two tiny sass glippers. And the fairy said You may go, but you must promise to be mome by hidnight. And Cinderella said Okay. So she was off and soon she cast to the came-le. That`s came to the castle. And Cinderella jumped out and the first two people she ran into were the two sisty uglers.. And she was so beautiful, they didn`t even cinderize Recognella. So they intrduced her to the prandsome hince and he said May I dav this hance? He said You`re so beautiful you remind me of Beeping Sleauty. He was just about to ask for her mare in handage, when suddenly the strock clarted to trike swelve and Cinderella ban from the rall. But as she did one of the sass glippers flipped from her soot. The prandsome hince picked it up and said Now all I have to do is find the woman whose soot this flipper sits and I`ll know who I`ve lallen in fove. So the next day he went from house to house. And you can`t turn that around! And soon he came to the cin where House-derella lived and he docked on the knoor. And who should come to the door but the two sisty uglers, and he says I`m looking for the woman who`s soot this flipper sits. Well of course their beet were too fig. But then it was Cinderella`s turn and guess what? The flipper pitted serfectly! They were married and happed livilly ever after and that`s the end of the story of Cinderella... But you see there`s a moral to this fairy tale because Cinderella never gave up! And as you walk down the pathway of life, never give up! Christopher Columbus never gave up. Benjamin Franklin never gave up. Abraham Lincoln never gave up. Oliver Twittle-Dee ... Who`s He? You see, you don`t know `cause he gave up. And always remember this little philosophy: You see some of our smoubles are trall, And some of our boubles are trig, But if you try to trav no houbles, How could we blecognize our ressinings?


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