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COD LIVER OIL Val Doonican I'm a young married man and I'm tired of life For years I've been married to a poor sickly wife She does nothin' all day but to sit there and sigh Wishin' and prayin' that she-ee could die A friend from the village was talkin' one day I told him me wife was a-fadin' away He afterwards told me that she would get strong If I got a bottle from old Doctor John Well I bought her one bottle to give her good cheer The way that she drank it you'd swear it was beer I got her a second, and it went the same I think she's got cod liver oil on the brain Oh doctor, oh doctor, oh dear doctor John Your cod liver oil is so pure and so strong I'm afraid of me life I'll go down in the soil If me wife don't stop drinkin' your cod liver oil Well it gave her good cheer and of that there's no doubt Each week she got better and then she got stout And as she got fatter of course she got strong I think there's a devil in old Doctor John There's bottles and bottles all over the house But as she got strong I'm as quiet as a mouse I've got to the stage if the kettle should boil I'd swear it was singing of cod liver oil


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