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COKE, SUEDE AND WATERBEDS (Kraemer / MacNeil / Beard / Mayell) Sopwith Camel Coke, Suede and Waterbeds They've all got bodies but they call them heads And their friends in the legal trade Got Oriental rugs and jade Oh, Mama, please help them. Now they've all got money down House in the country, store in town Baby looks fine in her platform shoes Daddy's got a harp, trying to learn the blues Oh, Mama, please need them. This scene is making me insane Everybody seems the same. Secret pockets, poison rings Everybody's hiding things There's a girl with a tiger's claw She says I'm made of ice but I love to thaw Oh, Mama, please love her. Young cat, dressed in white Feels un-bad cause he thinks he's light Goes down town to the hot congo Hopes to pass for a Chicano Oh, Mama, please love him. No one here is to blame. Things have always been the same.


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