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COLET & COMPANY From the film "Trouble In Paradise" (1932) (Music: W. Franke Harding / Lyrics: Leo Robin) Tyler Brooke (Film Soundtrack) - 1932 (SPOKEN) (Ladies and gentlemen, this programme comes to you through the courtesy of Colet and Company, manufacturers of the most famous perfumes in the World. doesn't matter what you doesn't matter how you's how you smell! Thank you.) Colet, Colet, Colet and Company Are makers of the best perfumes If you and your beloved can't agree Permit us to suggest perfumes Cleopatra was a lovely tantaliser But she did it with her little atomizer We'll make you smell like a rose Ev'ry nose in Paris knows Colet and Company (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2008)


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