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COLOR BY NUMBERS Neil Young Someone wants to blow up the planet Johnny wants to find out why Johnny did a show in St. Louis Love came through the sky. Oh yeah, they were camped out, Waiting for the sun to rise Oh yeah, Johnny sang out Love into the sky. Johnny found a place out in Texas Waiting for him to come Made himself a reservation And hope came, in the gun. Oh yeah, he was flying, Waiting for the sun to rise Oh yeah, color by numbers Waiting for the sun to rise. Johnny did some time in the army Johnny did a stint in Vietnam. Now he can't forget it, His mind is confused, slipping from his twisted hand. Oh yeah, he's still back there With one hand on the gun Oh yeah, he's still back there Waiting for the rising sun. Now Johnny likes to go down the highway The wind singing in his ears Right up as most things go whirring by By day everything looks clear. Oh yeah, Johnny ride on Gonna find a special home Oh yeah, down the highway Looking for the rising sun.


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