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COLORFUL Sung in boxing musical “Golden Boy” (Strouse / Lee) Sammy Davis Jr. (Spoken) Colorful copy, Mr. Drake? Why, sir, you don’t know how colorful I done been (Sung) When I was very young, brand new upon the scene Had no experience, that’s right, I was green Then I grew up a bit, found out a thing or two Sometimes I’d get unhappy In short, I was blue As far as politics goes, I never turned red I’m smarter than you might think And every time I’ve been told Boy, you’re good as gold Say, I’m just tickled pink I’ve tried all sorts of shades Put them to the test But I look at myself And black suits me best Black is chic Always correct for the house or yard Black is neat It goes with everything and doesn’t try too hard Black is basic, you’ll agree As the Duchess of Windsor would say, hah “Black is me!” Well, I’ve been yellow at times, I’m sorry to say Yes, I’ve been afraid to fight Drake? I’ve been scared as can be But take it from me Daddy, I ain’t never turned white So when I’m old and grey And I’m heading for my last rest Guess I’ll still have to say That black, not Kelly green But black, not tangerine But black, that’s B-L-A-C-K, dig? Black suits me, ha-ha, best And that’s it!


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