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COLOURS OF MY LIFE fr "Barnum" 1980 musical New York Cy Coleman (m) Michael Stewart (l) 1980 as rec by Vera Lynn 1981 also rec by- Perry Como w Orch cond by Byron Olsen '80 Howard Keel The colours of my life Are softer than a breeze, The silver grey of eiderdown, The dappled green of trees. The amber of a wheat field, The hazel of a sea, The crystal of a raindrop Are all I'll ever need! Your rents are much too bold, In gold I find no worth; I'll fill my days with sage and brown, The colours of the earth. And if from by my side My love should ever roam, The colours of my life Will shine with quiet light To lead him home. There are two ways of looking at life; Some are content with a lighter shade, the peace and quiet of a Summer day, others may need the brighter hues. Whichever is right, only you can choose! The colours of my life re bountiful and bold; The purple glow of indigo, The gleam of green and gold. The splendour of a sunrise, The dazzle of a flame, The glory of a rainbow, I put 'em all to shame! No quiet browns and greys, I'll take my days instead, And fill them till they overflow With rose and cherry red! And should this sunlit world Grow dark one day, The colours of my life Will leave a shining light To show the way! The colours of my life Will leave a shining light To show the way! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - January 2012)


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