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COME AND SEE WHAT'S HAPPENIN' (Gloria Gaither / Bill Gaither) Gloria Gaither - 2000 Come and see what's happenin' in the barn! I've seen nothin' like this since I've been on this farm! Those strangers that camped out there have a baby in their arms Come and see what's happenin' in the barn! Must have been sometime `bout close to midnight A big ole' guy came knockin' at my door He said his wife was `bout to have a baby And she just couldn't travel anymore. I said the rooms had all been rented out But they'd find shelter out there in the barn They could throw some blankets in the stable; At least, they would be dry and safe from harm. Sometime before dawn I was awakened Light was floodin' through the windowpane A star as bright as moonlight was a shinin' And pretty music I could not explain I ran downstairs to have a look around I tell you I could not believe my eyes A crowd had gathered all around the manger And they were talkin' `bout God's big surprise. The shepherds said that they'd been on the hillside Tellin' stories just to stay awake; The baby lambs were sleepin' near the campfire, The ewes were huddled by the stone fence gate. And then the sky just seemed to open wide With light and sound that they could hardly bear And what they swore were angels sang in chorus, "You'll find the new Messiah over there." "Go and see what's happening in the barn" There's been nothin' like it ever happened on this farm! The strangers that camped out there have a baby in their arms. Go and see what's happenin' in the barn!


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