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COME AWAY TO SEA (David Wilcox) David Wilcox The wind is right for sailing The tide is right to go So come away to sea with me There's things that you should know There's things I'd like to tell you That words can't seem to say Unless we're on this simple craft Sailing far away Chorus Sail around this sound Far away from shore Come away to sea with me Sail your heart once more Join me in this simple craft Welcome to my home The things I'd like to say to you Are better said alone So let your heart sail with me We'll cast away from town And we'll sail away on music Inside this simple sound Chorus This simple craft I play upon Is made from wooden parts Its never sailed an ocean But is sure can sail my heart And if you feel the music Then we've raised another sail The ocean wraps this world around The wind will never fail (Contributed by =AeMoggs= - May 2008)


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