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COME BACK TO ARIZONA (Words by Alfred Bryan / Music by Herman Paley, 1916) Arizona, wild and free you're always dear to me I love you true. Sun kissed meadows of the west the one I love the best she loves you too. But my heart is sad today my heart is far away I'm all alone can't you hear me calling you Oh! won't you come back home? When the sunset fades away each night alone I stay with aching heart. And the night winds seem to sigh, "Why did you say goodbye why did we part?" Tho' the town is gay tonight and lights are burning bright I'm feeling blue. Waiting hearts grow weary dear but mine will wait for you. Come back to Arizona where the skies are blue. Come back where you can own a heart that waits for you, so lonely. Come little girl put my love to the test, come to the best little nest in the west. Come back to Arizona I love you.


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