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COMING ON STRONG (David Wilkins) Brenda Lee - 1966 COMING ON STRONG COMING ON STRONG I can feel the heartahces COMING ON STRONG I Can feel the teardrops The pain and sorrow Ever since you've been gone They've been COMING ON STRONG Pain [pain] Come on in [come on in] Hello sorrow, I see you're back again [back again] Teardrops [teardops] glad you dropped by [you dropped by] Cause you can help drown my pride And since you're here [da da da] The time seems to fly [da da da] To let you know you're gonna be with me Til I lose my mind But you've been gone [da da da] Much too long [da da da] And I can feel the heartaches COMING ON STRONG Only thing you left me Was misery for company Memories of a love gone wrong That keep COMING ON STRONG [COMING ON STRONG] COMING ON STRONG (fade to end)


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