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COMMENT ALLEZ VOUS? (Murray Grand) as recorded by Blossom Dearie (vocal & piano) and backing group with Ray Brown (bass) Herb Ellis (guitar) & Jo Jones (drums) September 1956 New York (Parlez vous Francais?) Mais oui, allons-y! (Apres vous, chere madame) Comment allez vous? Fancy bumping into you! Comment allez vous? Tell me everything that's new; Are you happy, are you sad, Feeling good or feeling bad? (And is there anything you're craving? Do you feel like misbehaving?) Comment allez vous? Gee, it's nice to see you here! Comment allez vous? You look better every year! I was really on my way, But I had to stop and say, "Comment allez vous?" (Comment allez vous, petit chou?) Say it, it has savoir faire! (Comment allez vous, mon minou?) Has a continental air! (Once she heard it in the land, (From a chinese laundry man) Cloaks and suitors, by the oodles, Say it to their cute French Poodles! Comment allez vous? Spaniards say it, so do Greeks. Comment allez vous? In the desert, so do Sheiks! (Show they know a thing or two, It's so easy, why can't you say...) Comment? Comment? Comment allez vous? (Transcribed by Peter Akers - January 2017)


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