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THE COMPANION Anne Mortifee Anne Mortifee I have haunted the hills for moonlit traces Silent wanderers, kinsmen of my soul. I have lonewolf beckoned upon the farthest star, Wailed my throat into a siren's call Beckoned creation to smite me dead Or awaken me from slumber. Under my foot the rock is cold But in my chest the best of creation hovers Ablaze like a thousand centuries of suns I am compressed into one small marble of stillness. I will not perish from the cold. I am older than starlight and at peace with time. The rhyme of the ancients flows in my veins And pain and sorrow have no power over me. Down in the silence when the darkness falls And the lone wolf howls near the garden wall An old man sits, from his throat he calls The companion Shadows flicker from the breathless past The spell is weaved and the dye is cast He knows in his heart the time won't last With the companion Soft as the dew on the moonlit lawn The murmur of the lake and the night birds' song No footprint sounds yet he knows he's drawn The companion Oh, he comes and goes He'll come again, you'll know not when For black as coal his hollow eyes Will pierce your soul, crack your disguise And even then you'll not believe You'll turn away, refuse to play With the companion The echo of a skip of a rock on a lake The beating of a heart that's about to break The gift was given but he could not take >From the companion So when magic stalks on a moonlit night Bow not your head to the inner fright But turn your face and seek the light Of the companion (Contributed by =AeMoggs= - November 2008)


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