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COMPLAININ' Luckey Roberts / Rogers as recorded by Sophie Tucker 1922 I ain't ever gonna never Fall into love no more; Now or never and for ever, Love 'em and let 'em go! They all are smart And act the part, I'm tellin' you what I know, But once they start And whip your heart, You're never the same no more! Every minute you're complainin', And youn ain't ashame', Complain so much, "Complainin'" Is your nickname! The very keenest pleasure, It causes pain, Of health you've got your measure, And still complain! Why, even gold brown fried chicken has lost its class, Don't make a bit of difference if the dice don't cast! Sweet music's like a toothache, and causes the same kind of pain, It's human nature to complain, I know! You grieve and pout And mope about, You're lovin' somebody who, And then find out Without a doubt Somebody ain't lovin' you! I don't think life Is worth the strife; There's times when I'd like to try To take a knife And end my life, If I didn't have to die! 'Cause complainin', that ain't knowin', But I must say If I knowed where I's goin', I'm on my way! I'd pack up all my worry And I'd leave here, I'd leap right into glory Without a fear! But there's a mighty old old story, And it's a fact, Nobody's been to glory And then come back! So I'll stay here and worry And keep on affairing my tale; It's human nature to complain, I know! I'd like to know Where I could go To some big unconscious state, Leave off my cares Just like the bears All do when they hibernate! I hear some folks Keep telling jokes 'Bout love bringing ecstasy, With gentle strokes To other folks; It pretty nye ruined me! Gonna keep right on complainin', Complain I must! No way to stop complainin' When you're hard bust! My life is all confusion Without a doubt, But I've reached this conclusion, I've figured out That runnin', ridin', walkin', crawlin', Though I'm a wreck If daddy starts a-callin', I'll break my neck Right back to daddy darlin'; I'm a glutton for punishment, It's human nature to complain, that's all! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - March 2013)


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