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CONNECTICUT Ralph Blane (m) Hugh Martin (l) 1945 as rec by Bing Crosby & Judy Garland w Joseph J Lilley & his Orch March 9th 1945 Los Angeles [bc] I know a spot, peaceful and fair, I'd be so happy if we were there! No matter where I chance to be, Connecticut is the place for me! [jg] Miss every lake, miss every hill, Even in dreams I think of them still! And when you see them you'll agree Connecticut is the place to be! [bc] Village green and childhood scenes Are things that I remember yet; [jg] Land of dreams and moonlit streams, How close to heaven can you get? [bc] Nights full of stars, hearts full o' joy, [jg] Paradise for a girl and boy! [bc] I guess it suits me to a tee, Connecticut is the place for me to be! [both] Connecticut is the place for me! [bc] It's such a great state For a late date, With a maid waitin' just for you! [jg] And every Yale guy Is a male guy Through and through! [bc] It's an outstanding state! [jg] Its' never hum-drum Datin' some chum, With his thumb strummin' a guitar. [bc] You'll find the chicks slicker And they mix quicker by far! [jg] It's such a great state! [bc] It's spick and spanner Than old Montana, And Indiana can't rate! [jg] The nights are longer [bc] And the men are stronger [jg] So linger longer and wait, [both] 'Cause it's a great great great great state! [jg] Dined in Capri, thought it was swell, Sampled some wine in a Naples hotel; Though I was showed the road to Rome, Connecticut still will be my home! [bc] Italy was fun to see, And really gave me quite a boom! Had a spree in gay Paree, Those mademoiselles where mighty cute, tres zoom! [both] Circled the globe, dozens of times, Seen all its wonders, known all its climes; [bc] I've searched it with a fine tooth comb, [both] And found that I only have one home sweet home, Connecticut always will be my home sweet home. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - May 2011)


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