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COOL CAT BLUES (Georgie Fame / Alexander Ryan) Georgie Fame - 1991 It's early 'n mornin' Soon be new day dawnin' Still I'm wide awake It's not a bout of out and out insomnia If it were I'd know just what to take No, this is something I have gotta face It's a sad, sad and very sorry case of love Never thought I'd be counting sheep Losin' sleep and all that I thought I was a real cool cat, in fact I never thought I'd be starry-eyed I can't decide where I'm at I thought I was a cool love cat than that Well, you put me down Like I wasn't even there Woah, What a clown You made me look square I never thought I'd be bugged by you But guess who hit the mat Girl, I thought I was some kind of acrobatic cat Well, you put me on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on Like I didn't have a clue You were long gone Way before I knew I never thought I would flip my lid But I did, Oh my! I thought I was a real cool cat With the control of a thermostat My heart goes pitter-pat when you call Well I guess I'm not a cool cat after all Come-a-way-down here by a ????? ????? Like a dog, Oow! (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - January 2004)


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