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COPPIN' A PLEA as rec by Anita O'Day w Gene Krupa & his Orch Oct 14th 1941 Hollywood You sure solid sent me for vfair When you done me so righteously; You're looking at A beat-up cat Who's coppin' a plea for a he! Turns out that I'm just a square, An ick with the old one-two-three; My one stale dream Is off the beam, I'm coppin' a plea for a he! I'm just a chick who's sick in the ticker, He's got me up on a shelf; I stay at home, rockin' my wicker, Bustin' a hole in myself! If he'd only colour my jive, I wouldn't be just half alive! I'm like the bear, I'm nowhere! He's givin' the fuller to me, I'm coppin' a plea for a he! Each time we kiss I'm wrung through the wringer, Brother, that boy's a king! I hope some day to give him the finger, I mean the one for the ring! The truth is I'm only a sap Who's snapping her cap for a chap; He's F-H-A In every way, He's solid murder to me! I'm coppin' a plea for a he! I'm coppin' a plea for a he! (Contributed by Peter Akers - August 2010)


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