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CORNS FOR MY COUNTRY From the film "Hollywood Canteen" (1944) ( Dick Charles / Jean Barry / Leah Worth ) The Andrews Sisters (Film Soundtrack) - 1944 Also recorded by: Cass Daley I’m gettin’ corns for my Country At the Hollywood Canteen The hardest workin’ junior hostess You’ve ever seen I’m doin’ my bit down here for Uncle Sam I’m a patriotic jitterbug Yeah, yeah, that’s what I am I’m gettin’ corns for my country, you should see the pounds fly I’m gettin’ down the waistline and I don’t even try I don’t need a Duberry or a Westmore course ‘Cos my weight’s been taken over by the Army Air Force We’re not petite as sweet Joan Leslie, but then we never mind When those GI’s knock the South, we're glad that we’re the healthy kind The way those cowboys from the prairie expect us to sashay I think I’d rather two-step with their horses any day We’re gettin’ corns for our Country, though the goin’ is tough When we think we can’t go on, we find we can’t get enough So if you hear of a soldier, sailor or marine Tell him to look us up at the Hollywood Canteen I used to be aesthetic, they say, oh yes I was, really I was I served the drama, arts and the ballet But the theatre guild came over and said, “Forget about Pavlova ” Learn to cut a rug, so now we’re jitterbugs (Musical Break) I’m gettin’ corns for my Country, so I’m really all in In a week from now we’ll be here with our usual vim So if you hail from the Bronx, Des Moines or Aberdeen Come down and ask for us at the Hollywood Canteen (Contributed by Bill Huntley - March 2007)


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