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COUNT ME OUT (G. Brooker / I. Sutherland) Gary Brooker When it's time for me to go and I hear that whistle blow I'll be waiting in line day or night Take my hand and lead me down Lay my burden on the ground Break these chains and let me stand in the light Now I know what the game's all about If that's the way you want to play - count me out Had enough of alibis, empty promises and lies Trying to find a better life on my own There's no easy way I know - now the strains begin to show Still I'm looking for a light to lead me home Though my heart's still full of doubt - There's no way I'm gonna play - so count me out I've been too long here breaking my back Doing my best to get through I never thought I could feel this way But I need to find something new It's not the money and it's not the gold - I just want some peace of mind My life is racing like a runaway train Getting faster all the time... Underneath a golden sky Far away I'm gonna fly To a place I know is there in my mind Like a sailor home to die With no journey left to try Throw my spirit in the tide and lead me blind Now I know what this game's all about If that's the way you wanna play Then count me out


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