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COUNTRY BAPTISING Gram Parsons Travelling down a country road on a Sunday morning Saw a crowd gathered at the creek at a little country farm I thought that I'd go closer so I might see and hear Why they looked so happy there without a thing to fear (chorus) Was a good old country baptising I was at that day They'd preach awhile and sing awhile then they'd all kneel down and pray God's spirit seemed to fill the air and every soul was clean at a good old country baptising down at the creek I heard an old and gentle voice say right at the end We're so glad to have you here Welcome down, my friends We've had a big revival, sir down to the wheat Now we're having a country baptising down at the creek (chorus) Well among them happy I'll be, Among that happy throng See them all go air their sins while they're at their own They seem to be saying, with smiles on their face Some day when I move along to my resting place (chorus) (chorus) (chorus)


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