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COWBOY (Michael Carr) As recorded by: Roy Fox & His Band V. Denny Dennis Recorded 9th January 1937 Cowboy, you’re a real humdinger You’re a hilly-billy singer, you know how, boy Want to ride the range and love it The silver sky above it, cowboy Cowboy, though you’re lean and lanky Guess there’s nothing ‘bout you swanky You’re a wow, boy Though you really look a tough one You’ve a heart that’s big enough, son, cowboy Born to be a short horn’s lackey And to sleep beneath the stars Born to roll your own tobaccy While the boss smokes big cigars Cowboy, you’re a one gal’s feller They don’t make ‘em any sweller Take a bow, boy Guess the range would die without you There’s something fine about you, Cowboy. Ridin’ the range, under the blue Ridin’ the range, it all belongs to you Just drift along, don’t ever change Singing your song, and ridin’ the range. (Transcribed from John Wright’s 78 RPM Record Collection by Bill Huntley - August 2013)


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