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COWBOY FROM WYOMING (Dave Kirby / Joe Allen) Sammi Smith - 1985 He rolled one and lit it up as he stepped into the night And headed for his brand new pickup truck And I layed on the bed and cried And thought about the life I wished to hell I'd never given up I came to the city, blinded by the lights All I'd ever known was push and shove Looking for Prince Charming on a big white horse And I found a cowboy who just thought he was (And he rode off into the sunset) Designer jeans and handmade boots A big ol' hat with feathers on the crown (And she just dreamed of another sunset) And wished to God the cowboy from Wyoming was around He pumped iron in a health spa and kept himself in shape For rollin' in the hay and pourin' wine And he took all he could of what I had to give He took everything except my mind Lookin' out the window starin' at my past Doin' all I can to fight the pain Through my tears I can see the cowboy in Wyomin' And I hope to God he's there to meet the plane (And they'll ride off into the sunset) Levi jeans, roughout boots Sunburned kids with jelly on their mouth (Yes, they'll ride off into the sunset) And I thank God my cowboy from Wyoming's still around (And they'll ride off into the sunset) (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2018)


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