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COWPOKE (Stan Jones) Eddy Armold - 1961 Hank Williams Jr. - 1965 Riders In The Sky - 1982 Glen Campbell - 1986 Don Walser - 1994 Wylie & The Wild West - 1998 Rudy Gonzales - 2000 Also recorded by: Rex Allen; Slim Whitman; Johnny Western; Dave Stamey; William Topley; Supersuckers; Elton Britt; Stan Jones. I'm lonesome, but happy, rich, but I'm broke And the good Lord knows the reason I'm just a cowpoke >From Cheyenne to Douglas, all the ranges I know 'Cause I drift with the wind, no one cares where I go I ain't got a dime in these old worn out jeans So I'll stop eatin' steak and go back to beans I'll pick up a ten spot in Prescott I know Well, I'm ridin' the broncs in the big rodeo Some evening in springtime a filly I'll find And I might spend all the summer with her on my mind But I'll never be branded and never be broke I'm a carefree, range ridin', driftin' cowpoke (Contributed by Mel - October 2007)


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