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COYOTE BLUE Bruce Cockburn Here comes coyote sniffing down the trail dodging pools of moonlight cool and pail blue darkness and yellow light raging after all thats in the spiny desert night Coyote Blue, comming after you (repeat) Used to have a jacket, used to have a tie Must have left them somewhere in the course of passing by hey thats me down there with my tail stuck out behind if I don't catch you soon I'm gonna go out of my mind Coyote Blue, comming after you (repeat) There's all these points of contact to explore there's a hunger in the bones that's calling more there's life leaping forward with a roar there's alot of tricks been played a billion times before But this trick is what is happening got to play it as it lays got to keep your wits about you, its an ever shifting maze hear the scratch of paws on gravel, hear the panting in the grass hear the happy goofball howl and come on meet me at the pass Coyote Blue, comming after you


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