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CRAWDAD SONG (Don Bowman) Don Bowman - 1967 I'll get a bass and you go somewhere and find yourself a guitar And if we're bad enough, somebody might take pity on us and make us a star I'll get a bass and you get a guitar And we'll go the coast where the folk singers are Heck far, we'll be the Crawdad Five We may just have nothin' here Now we can't shave And 'member it's no fair takin' a bath So you better believe we need a hit song just some kinda fast If we don't shave or take a bath This act has gotta wind up bein' a gas Probably work a whole lotta livestock shows Next thing we do is find our group some ridiculous name Like the Crawdad Five or maybe The Totally Insane If we get ev'rybody talkin' about our weird name Maybe then they won't notice we can't sing We might pull this silly thing off yet The hippies all dig us, they call us the Crawdad Five They listen to our songs to see if there's a hidden message there of some kind We use lots of big words that don't rhyme If it just sounds like we said somethin', we can get by We tell 'em there's a message there Then hope they don't find out what it is Last of all we need a list of the different things we plan to put down I mean from apple pie to motherhood, we gotta be against ev'rything around So we'll give 'em what they want and go with the crowd Till we get rich and famous and get outta town All we gotta 'member is to be sincere Even if we don't mean it You gotta be against somethin' or 'nother If you wanna be a successful folk singer This is my week to be against Ketchup bottles Self-windin' thermometers Ingrown bed spreads I may go wallpaper my car (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2012)


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