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CRAZY BLUES (Perry Bradford) Perry "Mule" Bradford 1920 as recorded by Mamie Smith with Perry Bradford & his Jazz Hounds August 10th 1920 also recorded by - Mary Stafford & her Jazz Band '21 Leon Redbone I can't sleep at night, I can't eat a bite, 'Cause the man I love on, He don't treat me right! He makes me feel so blue, I don't know what to do; Sometimes I'm sad inside And then begin to cry, 'Cause my best friend Said his last goodbye. there's a change in the ocean, Change in the deep blue sea, my baby; I tell you folks there ain't no change in me, My love for that man will always be! Now I got the crazy blues Since my baby went away; I ain't got no time to lose, I must find him today! Now the doctor's gonna do All that he can, But what you're gonna need Is the undertaker man! I ain't had nothin' but bad news, Now I got the crazy blues! Now I can read his letters, I sure can't read his mind! I thought he's lovin' me, He's leavin' all the time! Now I see my poor love was blind! I went to the railroad, Set my head on the track, Thought about my daddy, I gladly snatched it back! Now my babe's gone And gave me the sack! Now I've got the crazy blues Since my baby went away! I ain't had no time to lose, I must find him today! I'm gonna do like a Chinaman, Go and get some hop, Get myself a gun And shoot myself a cop! I ain't had nothing but bad news, Now I've got the crazy blues! The blues! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - March 2013)


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