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CRAZY Mud You just got out of school last year And all your friends ask, hey what you doing here? Somehow you just can't mix with kids your age. She knows what she likes. I know you look much older now, But you ain't figured out life somehow. You got a different number on every page. She knows, she knows what she wants . Chorus Crazy, crazy, you amaze me. Crazy lady, rearrange me. Crazy baby, I'm so in love with you right now. You're growing up before your time. You think everybody's saying ooh but you're looking fine. You're learning fast, you sure have come a long way. She knows she knows what she likes. I know you don't think much of me; 'Cos you've got plans on just what you oughta be. You've got a different face for every day. She knows, she knows what she wants. Chorus Guitar break Repeat Chorus to fade


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