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CRAZY RAVER Cockney Rebel Lazy stage-star; wanna be a raver You've gotta make it all happen insane Crazy raver; wanna be a big star You've gotta make it all happen again You want it easy but you don't understand They'll crush your diamonds in a one-night stand You'll be a "Biggie" then you'll be a "nobody-at-all" So while you're there you'd better show us a ball And wear your sequins or wear nothing at all Take us to heaven with our backs to the wall The climbing's hard but it's easy to fall Oh! here's a monkey with a message for us all Go be a Crazy Raver, oh! oh! yeah Go be a Crazy Raver Maybe lady; wanna be my baby Go to heaven in your satin and lace Crazy baby, gotta dress so shady Then come and meet me in some far-out place We'll go together like water and sand Be seen together walking hand-in-hand A pair of swells who've got nothing to do but romance You'll be a rhapsody, The Belle o' the Dance Become a stir and play the public nuisance Ascend a stairway up to Paris in France Become the lady of the Dietrich stance Then pick the one of your nouveau fancy And be a Crazy Raver And be a Crazy Raver


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