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CRAZY WEATHER (Maurice Sigler, Al Goodhart, Al Hoffman) As recorded by: Billy Cotton & His Band V. Chips Chippendall Recorded 29th December 1934 Eight o’clock, rain, ten o’clock, snow Twelve o’clock, balmy breezes blow Oh weather man, make up your mind Rain if you must, got to have rain That’s not the reason I complain Your system is all wrong I find Crazy weather, when will we get together Tell me when can I depend on you First it’s cloudy, then mister sun says, "howdy" Never know just what you’re gonna do For instance, last night I had a date with my sweetheart In Lovers’ Lane You disappointed me and my sweetheart You made it rain Crazy weather, come on let’s get together Give me a break and help me to make her mine (Transcribed from John Wright’s 78 RPM Record Collection by Bill Huntley - October 2013)


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