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CRYIN' FOR THE CAROLINES (Words by Sam H. Lewis, Joe Young / Music by Harry Warren) Introduced by Lawrence Gray in the film "Spring is Here." Popularized by Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians Big town you lured me, Big town you cured me, Tho' others hate to say goodbye to you I'm leavin' but I'll never sigh for you. Big town you robbed me of ev'ry joy I knew. Where is the song I had in my heart That harmonized with the pines, Anyone can see what's troublin' me, Cryin' for the Carolines. Where is the brook that kisses the lane, Covered with "Glory Vines." Anyone can see what's troublin' me. I'm crying for the Carolines. How can I smile mile after mile, There's not a bit of green here. Birdies all stay far far away, They're seldom ever seen here. Where is the gal that I used to meet Down where the pale moon shines. Anyone can see what's troublin' me, I'm crying for the Carolines. Small town you've sold me, Small town you'll hold me, You said that I'd have nothing but regret, I've cried the blues to ev'ry one I've met, Small town you gave me all that I'll ever get. (Contributed by Bette Carl - March 2003)


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