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THE CRYSTAL GAZER Frank Petch Verse: Let me tell you the tale of a lady who sits in an old marquee, Looking into the future of folk like you and me. She mends all broken hearts except her own, For love has left her all alone. Chorus: There's a Crystal Gazer down at the fair, She's a lady with a rose in her hair; If you're feeling romantic, she'll be your guide. She can look into her crystal and see What your fortune and your future will be, And they tell me the crystal has never lied. It seems that this weaver of dreams deals in romance all the day through; But her life's not the romance it seems; Her own dreams never come true. She can soon arrange a stranger's affairs, But she tries to hide the worries and cares, Of the one broken romance she'll never mend. Copyright: 1949 Published by The Irwin Dash Music Co Ltd 17 Berners Street, London W1 (Contributed by Paul Daniel - July 2009)


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