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CUT OFF MY LEGS AND CALL ME SHORTY Lyrics: Don Raye - Music: Van Alexander Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra Come around the stand, Near the band. The boys and I are glad you came. Now let's see who I know - I'll bet dough That I can tell you all by name. Well, hello, Jack! When did you get back? I thought they buried you out in Hackensack! Say, look here, Jack, You can jump for an oldie; Well, shave off my hair and call me Baldy! Shucks, there's old Aunt Kate, She's a solid gate. I never thought that chick would be out so late. Now look here, Aunt Kate, Are you trying to be naughty? Well, cut off my legs and call me Shorty! Yep, and that's old Jake. Well, for goodness sake, What you doin' here at this clambake? You got your food and you're here for a quickie. Well, flatten my head and call me Icky! Well, now, starch my shirt if it ain't old Gert! Come on, Babe, bend my ear and let me have the dirt. Now you said you had twins since the last time you seen us? Well, chop off my arms and call me Venus! (Transcribed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars (WLIP) - January 2012)


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